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MultiPoint Locking Systems

        Codel Entry Systems offers Multi-Point Locking Systems of the finest design, most precise machining and
        highest quality materials providing homeowners with a secure locking system stronger than traditional
        deadbolt locks.

                                                                          Screw Support
                                                                          Prevents flexing or bending of the gear for
                                                                          lifetime performance and smoother operation.

                                                                          Mishandling Device
                                                                          Prevents multiple locking points from acciden-
                                                                          tally firing and potentially damaging door trim.
                                                                          Fully field reversible.

                                                                          Solid Stainless Steel Deadbolt
                                                                          Highly corrosion resistant and stronger than
                                                                          traditional deadbolts.

                                                                         Manual Tongue (Top & Bottom)
                                                                         While offering security in the locked position, the
                                                                         manual tongue engages into the jamb or mull post
                                                                         and retracts when opened, giving a smooth, clean

                                                                         Flush Bolts (Top & Bottom)
                                                                         (Optional) Multi-Point is available for the inactive
                                                                         door. The flush-bolts operate by the handle on the
                                                                         in-active panel, sending the flush-bolts simultane-
                                                                         ously into the head and sill, offering a smooth and
                                                                         easy operation and securing your entry door.

                                                   Multi-Point Hardware Options & Finishes
                                                                        Features and Benefits

                                                         Euro             300 Series Stainless Steel-Highly
                                                                          corrosion resistant.
                                                                          Self Lubricating Parts - Last longer by
                                                                          eliminating the need to lubricate locks.
                                                                          Helps prevent doors from bowing and
                                                        Satin Nickel
                                                                          adds extra security at the same time.
                                                                          Schlage Keyway.
                            Brushed Chrome                               - Only available on Fiberglass door units.
                                                                         - Not available on cut-down units.

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