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                                                                                                  COMPOSITE FRAME
                                                              Codel’s WeatherGuard Composite Frame System is an
                                                           innovative alternative to traditional wood jambs. This
                                                           poly-fiber doorframe system combines all the strength
                                                           and convenience of wood with enhanced properties that
                                                           make it moisture, rot and insect resistant. This unique
                                                           formulation guarantees that the WeatherGuard frame will
                                                           not absorb or wick moisture and will never warp, splinter
                                                           or rot.
                                                              The WeatherGuard product line is available in two
                                                           varieties. White Cap is a smooth, semi-gloss white that
                                                           can be painted or left unfinished to compliment the Codel
                                                           Smooth Fiberglass door. Textured has an embossed grain
                                                           that can be painted or stained to compliment the Codel
                                                           Textured Fiberglass door. The advanced WeatherGuard
                                                           system can be installed the same way as traditional wood
                                                             Exclusive to WeatherGuard is
                                                           our patented “Seams-Rite”                   “Seams-Rite”
                                                           spline that enables the brick-
                                                           mould to be applied to the jamb
                                                           without using nails. Besides eli-
                                                           minating nail holes, “Seams-Rite”
                                                           ensures a continuous water
                                                           barrier. An optional vinyl nailing
          SF20F door.                                      flange is also available.
                                                                                             (Vinyl nailing flange is optional.)

                      Jamb                    Jamb
                                                                 Features & Benefits

                                                              Poly-fiber composite jamb system is an attractive, afford-
                                                              able, and low maintenance option to traditional wood.
                                                              Closed cellular structure is a unique formulation that
                                                              ensures product will not warp, split or absorb moisture.
             White Cap  2” Brickmould  Textured Embossed  2” Brickmould  Greater screw holding power than wood.

                                                              Installs the same as traditional wood jambs.
                                                              Available in smooth semi-gloss white cap and stainable

                    Mullpost                 Mullpost         textured embossed.
                                                              Matching mullposts offering sidelite and transom
                                                              Installation and finishing recommendation label applied
                                                              to every frame.

                                                              Limited lifetime warranty.

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