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Water-Shed Inswing Sill

          Stop Water At The Door

          The first-of-its-kind, Water-Shed sill, is an all-new patent-pending exterior door   ■ Same Price As
          inswing sill that actually takes any water that might infiltrate past the door sill and       Traditional
          sweep, and channels it back outside the home where it belongs.
                                                                                       Adjustable Sill
          With its unique design, Water-Shed offers a built-in weep system, giving your
          entry door an advantage over other door systems. Using the Water-Shed sill on   ■ Special Bumper
          your entry system will help eliminate costly water leaks inside the home.
                                                                                       Sweep Compensates

                                                                                       for Gaps; No Adjust-
                                                                                       ment Needed

                                                                                   ■ Stops Costly Leaks

                                    Sill Drains

             Durable Sweep
             Our black flexible rubber bumper sweep
             has two fins, large interior bulb, and a
             built-in exterior fin to deflect water run off.
             This larger bumper sweep compensates
             for gaps; no adjusting needed.           Butyl End Seal Gasket
                                             The butyl end seal gaskets not only bond
                                              the sill to the jamb leg, but also provide
                                                a tight seal against water infiltration.

                                  The Water-Shed sill is a patent-pending con guration brought to you by Codel Entry Systems. Contact us to learn more.

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