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High Performance Commercial Grade Ball Bearing

                      Hinges Standard on Codel Fiberglass Doors

           Strength and Durability:
           Heavy-duty commercial strength hinge, that is much thicker than the standard residential hinge found on
           most residential fiberglass doors in the industry. This stronger hinge keeps your door true and fit in the
           opening, and reduces the risk of sagging.
           Smooth Operation:
           Our heavy-duty hinges come standard with ball
           bearings, giving your entry door ease of opening
           and years of quiet operation.
           Appearance and Security:
           With a thickness of 3.3mm, and ¼ radius, these
           hinges are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are
           more secure than the traditional residential hinge.

               US15 Satin Nickel        US26 Bright Chrome
             (Non-Ferrous or *Self-Closing  (*Self-Closing Option
               Options Also Available)      Also Available)

             US26D Brushed Chrome            US3 Brass
                (*Self-Closing Option   (Non-Ferrous or *Self-Closing
                  Also Available)        Options Also Available)
                                                                                  US10B Bronze
                                                                               (Non-Ferrous or *Self-Closing
                                                                                 Options Also Available)

               US5 Antique Brass           US10B Bronze             Steel Door Standard Hinge
                (nSelf-Closing Option  (Non-Ferrous or *Self-Closing
              Available as Special Order.)  Options Also Available)

                           US32D Stainless Steel

                      *Self-Closing Hinges ARE NOT Ball Bearing.
                         nExtended Leadtime Required.

              RECO M MEN D E D  Codel recommends
                 non-ferrous hinges on all

             outswing doors as steel based
            hinges may develop rust if they                        Our steel doors come with a standard weight
                                                                     hinge, available in the same color choice
                 are exposed to moisture.                                      options noted above.

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