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The Window & Door Shoppe is Proud to sell Velux Skylights. If you need to replace or buy them for your new construction project, Velux provides comfort and beauty for many years to come. With different styles, sizes and options like; light shades, glazing options, Flashing kits, manual venting or electric venting skylights, fixed, Roof Windows, solar powered electric Skylights & even sun tunnels, Velux has a skylight for you. Come see what we can do for you in our Showroom or call us  @ 425-771-9421.

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Featured Product


Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight

The Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed, battery powered operator and control system. The battery powered operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight and the solar panel serves as the charging source of the system.


VSS product video


Product details


  • Remote controlled solar powered skylight requires no wiring, which makes for easy and cost effective installation.
  • The solar panel will work on cloudy days and with indirect light. It does not have to be exposed to direct sunlight to function.
  • With the integrated rain sensor the solar powered skylight will close automatically, in case of inclement weather.
  • Inner pane is laminated for additional safety. This means that if the glass accidentally breaks, the glass does not shatter. Laminated glass meets codes for products installed out of reach.
  • Eight factory installed blinds are available to include in the purchase of your skylight.
  • If the Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight is ordered with a factory installed blind, the skylight and blind will arrive pre-programmed to one remote control.


The logical choice for any skylight installation



     • On October 3, 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the Emergency Stabilization Act followed by President Barack Obama signing into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) on February 17, 2009.   

• The combined effect of these two laws provides a 30% tax credit on both the purchase and installation of qualifying products in renewable technologies such as solar electric property, residential solar water heating, qualified small wind energy and qualified geothermal heat pump energy, among others.   \Under these laws, VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights as well as VELUX Solar Powered Blinds qualify under “Solar Electric Property” expenditures when purchased and installed from January 1, 2009, through December 31, 2021. This tax credit is a direct debit of the taxpayers total tax liability

2009-2019 save 30% Federal tax credit
2020 save 26% Federal tax credit
2021 save 22% Federal tax credit
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What do I need to do?

When the product is installed: Keep your receipts for total price paid (product and installation) for one of the qualifying VELUX products and attach them to a completed 30% Federal Tax Credit – Manufacturers Certification Statement1 and keep for your records. 

When it is tax time: Fill out IRS Tax form 56952 and submit it with your taxes. Enter this tax credit off of form 5695 on your 1040 form.


1] IRS Notice 2009-41 suggests the taxpayer is not required to attach this certification statement to their tax return. However, the taxpayer should retain this certification as part of their tax records.  

2] As in all tax matters, the taxpayer is advised to consult their tax professional. VELUX America, Inc. assumes no liability regarding the homeowner’s ability to obtain tax credits.


Estimate your Federal Tax credit

You can choose your project type, skylight size, and compare your estimated federal tax credit savings between the new Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylight (VSS) and the Manual venting (VS) and Fixed (FS) skylights.

*Disclaimer: VELUX & The Window & Door Shoppe, Assume no responsible or liable for the taxpayer’s ability to obtain tax credits. When claiming a tax credit please consult a tax professional with any questions. This, or any other document provided by VELUX, is not intended to represent tax or legal advice. More comprehensive information in this matter should be provided by the IRS.



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